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This bundle includes: 

1x Twist and Sort - Rectangle (starting at 12 to 15 months)

1x Cubes on Vertical Dowel (starting at 14 months)

1x Colorful Interchangeable Box (starting at 12 to 18 months)

1x Dressing Frame - Velcro (starting at 12 to 15 months)

1x Dressing Frame - Zipper (starting at 14 months)

12 To 18 Months Bundle

$109.95 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
    • Aids the refinement of hand-eye coordination

    • Aids the refinement of grasping

    • Aids the development of different hand movements

    • Aids to independence
    • This is an educational product and is only to be used under adult supervision, owing to properties essential to its purpose. This product may contain plastics packaging which must be removed and kept away from children.