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Our services consist of Montessori Consultations and Personalized Home Design. Each service is tailored to the needs of your family. 

Montessori Consultations

We provide one-on-one consultations based on your specific needs. These can be discussions on how to incorporate the Montessori curriculum in your home environment or even discussing how to support your child's development. 

Personalized Home Design 

A child’s first environment is their home. The design and functionality of the home plays a major factor in their independence and self-esteem. As part of the In-Home Design, we will go over all the necessary items needed to provide a strong and safe environment for your child and help design it in such a way that would be developmentally appropriate. We will demonstrate how to use these materials to further grow their skills. Room designs can include: Nursery, Bedroom, and Playroom.

30 minute Intro consultation

Schedule a 30 Minute Introduction Call to discuss which services best fit the needs of your family.  

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